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Ground Mounting

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Pitched Roof Mounting

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Flat Roof Mounting

Solar Carport Mounting


Solar Roof Mounting

Solar roof mounting system is suitable for flat roof(concrete roof) and tilt roof(pitched tile roof,roman roof, tin roof,etc.)which is easy to install


Solar Ground Mounts

Ground mounted solar panels in aluminum structure. Economical, good stability, suitable for foundation made by cement block and ground screw, high pre-assembly and easy installation.


Solar Carport Structure

Carport mounting systems(also known as solar canopy). It's designed for solar installation for solar panel installation on parking lot, single row or rouble row car parking is available.


Xiamen Lock Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that integrates the R&D, production,and sales of the solar PV systems,and it is also an excellent supplier of PV solutions.ECO means the “Ecology”,the “Conservation” and the “Optimization”.
From the foundation of our company,we always take the technology,environment protection and economy development as our basic concept of R&D.Our solar PV solutions address the immediate requirements and needs of residential, corporate, government, and utility-scale applications worldwide.


1MW Aluminium Ground Mounting
2MW Ground Screw Ground Mounting
15.75KW Ground mounting
2MW Galvanized Steel Ground Mounting system
16.2KW Solar Carport
36MW Pile Ground Mounting
283.55KW Ground mounting
298.35kw metal roof moungting
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