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Xiamen Lock Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that integrates the R&D, production,and sales of the solar PV systems,and it is also an excellent supplier of PV solutions.ECO means the “Ecology”,the “Conservation” and the “Optimization”.From the foundation of our company,we always take the technology,environment protection and economy development as our basic concept of R&D.
Our solar PV solutions address the immediate requirements and needs of residential, corporate, government, and utility-scale applications worldwide.
Act as a bridge so that more and more global families and companies can access solar energy .

Why Choose Us


To conslidate as one of the key participants in the renewable energy global market.


Provide smart alternatives to global families and companies that allow anyone to actively contribute to caring for the planet using clean energy.


- Loyalty and Honesty towards our clients and suppliers.
- Responsibility in each task we per form.
- Quality in our products and services.

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